Cuebly, smart in safety

The software and services that make work and life safer for people and professionals worldwide.

We provide software and services for the best safety solutions. Use the mobile app or even connect your own lone worker or safety device to our platform to get the most out of it. Thanks to service integrations you can connect services such as an alarm receiving center.

Our software and services

Smart in safety

With Cuebly you can manage and automate safety

Software and services especially designed for safety. The platform, mobile app and services help you to create the best and most reliable safety solution meeting your needs. You can manage your devices, alarms, automations and more using the powerful platform easily from the cloud.

Cloud platform

Platform for creating automations and managing devices, events and alarms.

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Mobile app

iOS and Android app for tracking, alarming and communicating.

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Fully manageable roaming SIM cards. Fully geared to safety applications.

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Hardware integrations and services such as alarm receiving centers.

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About Cuebly

Software, connectivity and services to make work and life safer

Cuebly develops and distributes software and services to partners and safety companies world wide.

More and more safety solutions are using our software and services to make personal alarms and other devices smart and communicate with other devices and services.

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Our history

It all started in 2016. Back then Cuebly was a supplier of personal alarms and tracking systems. As we missed a solid platform to manage devices and connect services, we decided to developed our own platform and mobile app.

Nowadays, we work with various partners who use that same software and services all over the world.