Mobile app for tracking, alarming and communicating

With the Cuebly app you can communicate with others via messages and speech. You will also have real-time insight into alarms.

You can raise an alarm from the app and share your location periodically or on demand. The app is designed for first responders and people who are working at risky environment. The app works on iOS and Android phones.

For iOS and Android

Raise an alarm or get notified

The Cuebly app is a safety app that can be used like a personal alarm or lone worker alarm. The app is fully integrated in the Cuebly platform and works with all compatible hardware and integrations.

Raise an alarm

Raise an alarm or start a scenario from the app. Soon you can also connect a Bluetooth buttons and man down sensors to raise an alarm outside the app.

Share your location

Share your location periodically or on demand. A location can be used for tracking, starting a scenario and automatic attendance registration. Soon the app can also look for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi beacons for indoor positioning.

Communicate with others

Get notified by receiving messages and send messages to other app users and devices. Soon you can also communicate through speech with other app users and alarm receiving centers.

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    About Cuebly

    Software, connectivity and services to make work and life safer

    Cuebly develops and distributes software and services to partners and safety companies world wide.

    More and more safety solutions are using our software and services to make personal alarms and other devices smart and communicate with other devices and services.

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    Our history

    It all started in 2016. Back then Cuebly was a supplier of personal alarms and tracking systems. As we missed a solid platform to manage devices and connect services, we decided to developed our own platform and mobile app.

    Nowadays, we work with various partners who use that same software and services all over the world.

    Cloud platform

    Platform for creating automations and managing devices, events and alarms.

    Mobile app

    iOS and Android app for tracking, alarming and communicating.


    Fully manageable roaming SIM cards. Fully geared to safety applications.


    Hardware integrations and services such as alarm receiving centers.