Cuebly works with all kinds of devices and services

Cuebly is compatible with multiple types of devices. Our platform supports a variety of lone worker and safety devices from various manufacturers such as TWIG, Teltonika, Eview and Magneta.

Thanks to integrations with third parties, you can connect your device to services such as an alarm receiving center.

Compatible hardware

Cuebly works with a variety of lone worker and safety devices

Connect your dedicated lone worker or safety devices to the Cuebly platform. You can do a lot more with your devices using Cuebly. Configure it over the air, create all kinds of scenarios or automations.

We are constantly improving our software and implementing new hardware. Missing a supported device? Let us know.

Compatible hardware

Manufacturer Model Origin
TWIG Protector Finland
  Protector Ex Finland
  Protector Pro Finland
  Protector Pro Ex Finland
  SOScard Finland
  Embody Finland
  Neo Finland
  One Finland
  One Ex Finland
  Easy Finland
Teltonika TMT250 Lithuania
  GH5200 Lithuania
Eview EV-04 China
  EV-07b China
Emerit e-RG170 France
  e-RG650 France
  Emerit e-RG655 France
  e-WG100 France
  e-IS330.1 France
  e-IS330.2 France
  e-IS530.1 France
  e-IS655.2 France
Queclink GL320MG China

Compatible apps

Name Supplier Compatibility
Cuebly app Cuebly iOS and Android

Compatible gateways

Name Supplier
I/O gateway Cuebly
ESPA 4.4.4. gateway Cuebly

Compatible services

Type Supplier
Alarm center Securitas
Security app SequriX

Integrate your own service

Integrate your own service or application using a webhook, email or text message. You can trigger a scenario based on a webhook, email or SMS. Other triggers such as an alarm can also trigger a scenario that calls a webhook.

Looking for a custom integration, contact us for more information.

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About Cuebly

Software, connectivity and services to make work and life safer

Cuebly develops and distributes software and services to partners and safety companies world wide.

More and more safety solutions are using our software and services to make personal alarms and other devices smart and communicate with other devices and services.

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Our history

It all started in 2016. Back then Cuebly was a supplier of personal alarms and tracking systems. As we missed a solid platform to manage devices and connect services, we decided to developed our own platform and mobile app.

Nowadays, we work with various partners who use that same software and services all over the world.

Cloud platform

Platform for creating automations and managing devices, events and alarms.

Mobile app

iOS and Android app for tracking, alarming and communicating.


Fully manageable roaming SIM cards. Fully geared to safety applications.


Hardware integrations and services such as alarm receiving centers.